Mrs Manning’s Daily Well-Being Activity and Prayer

Daily Prayer – Monday 8th June
Dear God
Thank You for this day. Thank You for the birds, the animals, the flowers, the trees, the lakes and the streams and for the sun that rises and sets every day.
Thank You for giving us our lives.
Well being activity
Blow some bubbles. Blow slowly, blow quickly, what happens ? Look at the colours in them. Watch how far they go. Chase them and burst them.
If you haven’t got any bubble mix you can make some with 50ml washing up liquid and 300ml . Put the washing up liquid into a jar and slowly add the water. It will be better if you leave it to rest for a while.If you have some glycerine add a tablespoon as it makes the bubbles stronger. You can find all sorts of things to use as a wand – a bent pipe cleaner, biscuit cutters – be inventive !
Have fun
Mrs Manning