Mrs Manning’s Outdoor Opportunity FRIDAY

Mrs. Manning’s Open Air Opportunity- Friday

Measure your garden ! You can see how long or wide it is or, KS2, you could find the perimeter or area. Walk round it counting your steps. How many steps was it ? Then you can measure how long your step is and work it out. Or you could find out how many of your feet it is. Put the heel of one foot right up against the toe of the other foot so that your heel and toe are touching, then swap feet and keeping going all the way down the garden. How many of your feet did it take ?

For the weekend why not build a bird feeder – look on the RSPB website they have great ideas from simple fruit kebabs to some that are lovely and messy to make !! Remember to be careful what you use though, if you or anyone in your family has allergies !

Have a nice weekend !