Mrs Manning’s Outdoor Opportunity – Thursday

I know there were no clouds yesterday so if there are some today you can have a go at that.
Play a game of  5 stones that children from 1945 would  play. Find yourself 5 pebbles small enough to hold all in one hand. There are different ways of playing but one way is to put all the stones in one hand and throw them into the air then try and catch them on the back of the same hand. Then throw the ones you caught from the back of your hand and try to catch them in the palm of the same hand. The winner is the one who catches the most stones. Another way to play is to put 4 stones on the ground and keep one in your hand. Throw the one in your hand into the air and pick up one from the ground and catch the one that you threw in the same hand. Then do the same again but try to pick up 2 stones at once , then 3 and finally all 4.
Have a good VE day.
Mrs Manning.