Mrs Manning’s Thursday Outdoor Opportunity

Mrs Manning says…

Make an Aboriginal journey stick. Aborigines used journey sticks as a kind of map. They would also use them to talk to others about their journey and adventures they had along the way. Perhaps you might like to do a bit of research.

You will need a stick of at least 30cm, some tape or elastic bands or string. If you don’t have a stick you could make one by tightly rolling up some paper and fastening it with tape.

Go for a walk around your garden and collect objects as you go, maybe a leaf or feather or small stone. you could also use one of the bark rubbings you did on Monday or a little picture. Attach them to your stick in the order that you found them. You could then write a story about your ‘adventures’. Use your imagination and make it as exciting as possible. I will look forward to reading them when we get back to school.

Have a good Easter and keep safe.

Mrs Manning