Outdoor Opportunity for Friday from Mrs Manning

Make some recycled planters. Use an old plastic container or bottle, a milk carton is good, and cut it about half down so that you are left with an open container. Or use a bottle on its side and cut enough away so you would be able to fit soil and seeds or a plant in.Be careful with your cutting or ask an adult to help. Or a tin can with its lid off is good but be careful of sharp edges. You will need drainage holes in the bottom of whatever you choose so get an adult to do that for you. Then decorate it how you like.​Maybe wrap string or wool round and round. You will need to glue it. Or decorate some card to wrap round, or, if you have the right sort of paint just paint it You could use sparkles or anything you have lying around. Be creative! Let it dry then fill it with a few pebbles for drainage and some soil and plant some seeds if you have some or put a small plant in.
I like this one.
Have fun and take care
Mrs Manning.