Powerpoint from Y6 SATs Meeting

Click here  for the power point from this morning’s meeting.

In answer to parents about helping children with reading questions, specific guidelines for 2019 are not yet issued, however these general guidelines from last year may be useful.


Readers should read all text with neutral intonation and take care not to
overemphasise particular elements of the questions unless they are in bold or
• Subject-specifc terminology must not be explained.
• The names of punctuation marks should not be read aloud.



You must ensure that nothing you say, or do, during a
test could be interpreted as giving pupils an unfair
advantage, for example, indicating that an answer is
correct or incorrect, or suggesting the pupil looks at
an answer again.
 If a pupil requests it, a question may be read to the
pupil on a one-to-one basis.
 If reading to a pupil, you can read words and
numbers but not mathematical symbols. This is to
ensure that pupils are not given an unfair advantage
by having the function inadvertently explained by
reading its name.
 For pupils with a hearing impairment, be careful if
signing numbers, mathematical signs and words.
Guidance on any specific words that should be
signed in a particular way are included in the
standard test packs.
 Guidance for administering the test to pupils with a
visual impairment is contained in the modified test
 At a pupil’s request, you may point to parts of the test
paper such as charts, diagrams, statements and
equations, but you must not explain the information or
help the pupil by interpreting it.