Wednesday’s Outdoor Opportunity from Mrs Manning

Mrs Manning says….
Go outside and bounce a ball, or throw it up in the air and catch it. How many times can you do it without dropping or missing it? Time yourself (preferably using an analogue clock or watch to help with your time telling!) – how long can you keep going ?
If you are allowed, draw a target of 3 concentric circles on a wall . Give each circle a number, maybe 5 for the biggest outside circle, 15 for the next one and 20 for the smallest inside circle. Throw 5 balls at the target ( or the same ball 5 times ). What score did you get? Use your adding or times tables skills to work it out. Keep a tally to see if you can improve your score.
Change the numbers on the target to make it harder to work out. You could even use fractions or decimals.
It’s good exercise for your body and brain!