Sports Premium


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Sports Premium Funding is working at Bournebrook!  In  2015, 2016 and 2017 we were awarded the Gold Standard from Sainsbury’s School Games.  For a school of our size, this is an amazing achievement.



P.E. and school sport play a very important part in the life of Bournebrook.                           We believe that P.E. and school sport contribute to the holistic development of our children and through participation, our children build and learn more about our key values such as respect, teamwork and friendship for themselves and others.

Last year’s sports funding, £8 565.00 was used to support the development of P.E. and school sport in the following ways:

• To provide quality assured professional development opportunities for teachers. The additional funding has allowed for a specialist PE teacher to work alongside the class teachers to provide CPD and model lessons in a variety of PE areas. This will be continued into the academic school year 2017-18.
• To enable more pupils to build confidence to participate in sports by broadening our sporting opportunities. For example the introduction of rowing and badminton, as well as Key Stage One inter-school competitive opportunities.
• Fund new netball, football, orienteering and rowing equipment.
• To transport more children to more inter-school events. For example, tri-golf, athletics and multi-sports.

Our overall aim is to raise standards in P.E. and school sport, increasing the participation and opportunities offered to our children. We aim to provide higher quality lessons and improved learning for all.

More children are taking part in a broader range of after school sports clubs than previously, with many of our sports clubs at full capacity and the registers show a healthy attendance by a high percentage of our overall school population.
Change4Life Clubs have further enhanced our extra-curricular provision, targeting those children that may not have previously undertaken physical activity opportunities.
The PE funding has also supported the cost of attendance at sporting events for some children for whom finance may previously been a barrier to attendance.

The increased funding grant in 2017-18 will further enhance our provision, with many exciting opportunities in the planning stage.