Maple Room

What is Maple room?
At Bournebrook we recognise that some children can find the classroom environment overwhelming. Mapleen ables children to learn in a ‘friendly, safe’ environment away from the classroom. It helps children develop the skills they need to feel safe and ready to learn in a classroom environment.
Maple room has been especially created to support children’s emotional well-being and confidence. Maple provides a safe, structured environment where staff can help children overcome barriers to their learning.
The Maple classroom will also be used to complete work started in class in a smaller environment. Some children will use their Maple time to work on individual targets highlighted on their Individual Education Plan. These are morning sessions and run differently to Maple activities.
What do we do in Maple room?
In Maple, small groups of children take part in lots of different activities. We have Circle Time, social games and role play. In Maple room, children are encouraged to learn through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity with the use of sensory play. Children can also enjoy messy play and water/sand play.
During Maple time we discuss ‘big feelings’; what they are, how they make us feel, how our body can give us clues to how we feel and how to regulate ourselves so we can manage our big feelings and keep ourselves and others safe. We learn that it is ok to feel these emotions, that everyone has them and that we are all unique.
During Maple sessions we build our social skills; learning how to take turns, be happy for others when they win, to compromise and think of others feelings. We also learn how to manage falling outs and conflicts.

We always end our Maple group session with a prayer, snack and some reflection time.

Who ‘decides?’
The children who attend Maple are identified by the class teacher or other professionals such as Educational Psychologists, Specialist Teacher Service and Speech and language etc.
This can include:
· Being very quiet or withdrawn
· Need support maintaining friendships
· Need support to manage their feelings and emotions
· Lack confidence and self esteem
· Find it hard to concentrate and learn in class for long periods of time
Every half term staff review groups and make appropriate changes. Some children attend for the whole half term while others may stay for a whole year. Children will stay until we feel they are ready to return to class full time.
Parents and/or Carers will be sent home a ‘Maple leaflet’ if their child has been invited to Maple room for the half term.

When is Maple room ‘open’?
Maple groups run throughout the week and are led by school staff. Children are invited to one of the following sessions.
Monday afternoons
1.30pm— 2.15pm
2.15pm— 3.00pm
Wednesday afternoons
1.30pm— 2.15pm
2.15pm— 3.00pm
Friday afternoons
1.45pm— 2.30pm
Some children have 1:1 Maple sessions in the mornings to get them ready for small group sessions.

Who to contact?
If you have any questions regarding ‘Maple room’ please contact Mrs Smith or Mrs Nelson via the
school office.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01676 540390