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Bournebrook is defined by our Christian distinctiveness.  Our Christian ethos is the foundation for all we do and forms the basis of our policies.  The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children at Bournebrook is directly linked to the Christian principles that surround learning in our school.bbrook 026

Daily Collective worship at Bournebrook begins with a greeting and response, allowing children to take an active part in their own worship.  Themes (such as thankfulness) are carefully chosen each half term to relate to children’s lives.  The lighting of three candles, to represent the Holy Trinity and a prayer written by Bournebrook’s Worship Group develops understanding of the Christian faith and the collective singing of a Hymn or song sends our children back to classes having taken part in a shared experience.

Our Altar table reflects the theme of the worship and children are familiar with the Liturgical Calendar and the colours to represent it.

Spirituality arebbrook 002as in every classroom are themed termly and encourage children to engage with them, rather than look at them.  Class teachers use thought provoking resources to facilitate age appropriate discussion and children have two moments of collective prayer – before lunch and again before the end of the day.

Find out about the Bournebrook Lent Tent here.

The teaching of RE is important at Bournebrook, with all children learning about Christianity and other faiths in our multi-cultural society.

Our Spirituality Policy, Collective Worship Policy and RE Policy can be read here.

We enjoy a special relationship with St Mary’s and All Saints Church next door. Find out how here.