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As a school, we have documented our curriculum intent.  This includes what we want children to know (our non-negotiable learning), what we want them to do (in terms of skills progression and experiences), our ethos/ Christian values and development of cultural capital (an understanding of community, their place in society, environmental awareness and heritage and the arts ).

In practice, this consists of the following:
A statement on our vision and aims and The Bournebrook Way

Maths and English (reading, writing, grammar and spelling) are taught every morning across the school.  Whole school methods are outlined in the Bournebrook Teaching and Learning Handbook.  For other subjects, a long- term plan that sets out learning over three years is well embedded.  Schemes of work with identified learning objectives ensures the curriculum is delivered as intended and shows that there is significant and effective differentiation between year groups learning about the same topic.  Timetables define the number of hours that are taught in each subject.  Subject leadership has been a whole school focus for three years and leaders have precise action plans, which are delivered and evaluated.  When it is deemed appropriate, all subject leaders (or a group of subject leaders) work together on one highlighted aspect or area for development  that crosses many subjects.  In addition, monitoring by the leaders themselves establishes priorities for subjects and leaders have comprehensive subject folders with examples of work.  Governors and senior leaders oversee the implementation of the school curriculum through a comprehensive monitoring programme.

Attainment and progress are a measure of all of the above, but also our children’s readiness for the next stage of their education (both academically and socially) and their ability to be responsible citizens and confident learners who live by Christian values shows the impact of our curriculum.

Teaching of phonics
Little Wandle

Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised is our new phonics programme used in school. If you would like any further information or have any questions, please email the school office
Below is the link to the Little Wandle website for parents with information videos on how to pronounce the phonemes and further information on supporting reading at home: