Could you sponsor a laptop?

Bournebrook is launching a project to find twelve companies (or individuals) who would each be willing to sponsor one laptop or desktop to enable our children to no longer have to share when working in the ICT suite.

It saddens me greatly to know that not too many miles from here, inner city schools have laptops, ipads and ipods coming out of their ears.  I personally know of one school where there are 30 ipods sitting in the headteacher’s office unused as they have too many!

Our children deserve to be able to work alone at a computer. It shouldn’t be too much to ask, however the formulas around school funding do not allow us to provide this.

The cost to each company would be £450 and for this we would shamelessly advertise your company on our website, FB page and newsletters.  If you think you can help us, please call Mrs Patchett on 01676 540390.

Thank you.

Rhianon White

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