Mrs. Manning’s Outdoor Opportunity – Monday

The Japanese Art of Hapa-Zome.
 Hapa-Zome is the Japanese art of leaf dye. You will need:
some cotton fabric if possible – something like an old cut up bed sheet or t shirt  is ideal but do NOT cut anything up unless your grown up says so ! Kitchen roll will do if you don’t have any fabric. 
A mallet or rolling pin or  stone about the size of your hand
A collection of leaves or flowers.
Lay the leaves on to your piece of fabric or kitchen towel and cover them with another piece of kitchen towel. Then hammer carefully all over the leaves for a few minutes with your mallet or rolling pin and when you remove the paper towel and leaf debris you should have an imprint of the leaf on your fabric. Experiment and see if you can make a pattern.
Have a good day’
Mrs. Manning

Rhianon White

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