At Bournebrook, we believe that Physical Education (PE) is important for all pupils in regards to their fitness and mental health. Our aim is to provide high quality PE lessons which inspires all of our pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physical activities. We aim to develop our pupils’ confidence which supports their health and fitness. PE educates children on the positive benefits of exercise and allows them to understand how good it can make them feel. At Bournebrook we promote physical fitness as fun which encourages our children to lead healthy and active lives. We feel PE creates opportunities to inspire pupils’ future aspirations. We believe by creating opportunities to compete in sport and other activities builds our pupils’ character which includes fairness and respect.


All of our PE lessons follow the National Curriculum 2014. We teach PE twice a week. Bournebrook staff work alongside Positive Impact to plan and teach our PE lessons. Positive Impact are an external organisation that work directly with children. They provide an enriched learning environment that allows children to develop and grow in skills, communication and education. Our lessons include developing children’s knowledge of the conventions of participation in different sports and physical activities. We recognise the importance of developing a variety of pupils’ skills in gymnastics, dance, athletics and a range of games. As well as developing pupils’ skills in teamwork, sportsmanship and cooperation. All lessons contain children being physically active for sustained periods of time. All lessons include clear modelling, clear instructions and allowing pupils to work alongside their peers. The majority of children progress through the curriculum at similar pace. Those teaching PE regularly adapt their lessons accordingly to support those who need further guidance and those who need challenging.

As well as encouraging children to be more active in the lessons, we also encourage our children to attend after school clubs such as multi-sports and netball. This allows our children to further develop their skills (physical, social and mental). As well as this, all of our pupils are a part of our ‘daily mile’ run. This encourages all children to be outside and increase their level of fitness by running for 10-15 minutes daily.


Being physically active can improve brain health, strengthen bones and muscles, motor skills and improve the ability to do everyday activities. In order to monitor children’s progress in PE staff work alongside Positive Impact to assess children’s outcomes. During lessons children are provided with verbal feedback, staff use lesson observation to make formative assessments . At the end of unit of work teachers work alongside Positive Impact to complete a summative assessment of their class. These assessment allow teachers and Positive Impact to plan future lessons to build upon children’s current stages in learning. At the end of the school year, a report is shared with parents via school report.